How to resolve Download failed : Destination directory for file streaming does not exist or is not writeable in WordPress

After some digging I was able to pin down what was the issue with my WordPress installation that was causing the error message mentioned above.

It turns out I am hosting WordPress on a Windows Box and therefore PHP uses a temporary directory to which it may not write.

To resolve this there are two possible approaches:
Give your application pool access to that temporary folder so you can extract the updates there


Tell WordPress to use a different Temporary folder
Option two is generally the easiest one specially when you don’t have access to the Windows Host.

In order to accomplish this simply follow the instructions below:
Add this line of code anywhere in the root file wp-config.php:

/* Setup a temporary folder for uploading and updating WordPress */
 define( 'WP_TEMP_DIR', ABSPATH . 'wp-content/temp/') ;

and create a new folder named “temp” inside: /wp-content/

In case you were wondering php uses the C:WindowsTemp folder by default generally.

That is all, I hope this helps!

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