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Love Tips Relationship Advice
Love Tips Relationship Advice

“Falling in love,” is significant because no one rises in love or climbs in love. You fall in love, because something of who you are has to go. If not the whole of you, at least a part of you should collapse. Only then there is a love affair. You are willing to destroy a bit of yourself for the sake of the other. It essentially means someone else has become far more important than yourself.

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    Love Tips Relationship Advice

  • Workout Dating – A rise of fitness dating apps are making couples come closer while working out. People want to find partners who take their health seriously.
  • Self-Broadcasting – We are going to see a rise in the self-broadcasting culture in relationships. More couples will be talking about their romantic moments on social media platforms to make their connection deeper.
  • The Hibernation Relationship – Ideally known as the winter relationship, the romance fizzles by the time spring comes. The hibernation relationship is basically the antithesis of the summer fling. These relationships are a result of meeting someone during the festive season and hanging out with him/her. But they don’t usually last long. The summer sun changes feelings.
  • Hot Room Relationship Dynamics – In short, relationships with complicated dynamics will become an everyday affair. For instance, awkward situations like being in the same room with your ex-husband and current fiancé may not leave people sweaty anymore.
  • Curved – Rejection has many languages in the modern dating scene. Curved is when someone shows interest and then changes h/er mind. For instance, if the first date went well, and then he/she doesn’t show any interest, he/she has ‘curved’ you. Or disappeared.
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Rakhi S Kumar
Rakhi S Kumar
4 years ago

Very nice post by you Tegonity.