3 Most Important Kissing Techniques For Beginners

Couple Kissing
Couple Kissing

You may not believe it, but if you’re on a date with a woman or getting cozy with someone at a house party and things are going well, when you lean in to kiss her, that may determine whether or not you’ll be going any further with her.

The perfect kiss can make your girl desire you like you can’t imagine. The incorrect kiss can leave you wondering what went wrong. It’s up to you to perfect your skills.

No doubt every woman likes to be made out with differently and while it’s not a case of ‘one size fits all’, they all like to feel that the man who is kissing them feels a strong desire and passion for them.

So keeping that in mind, here’s how to use your lips to turn on the heat with her.

The first French Kiss is not something one easily forgets.

For some it was a great first time, and for others it was an embarrassing struggle, but either way it was most definitely a memorable experience.

One thing that is universal though, and something that you will learn as you enjoy more experiences with it, is that French kissing is or at least should be an intimate and sensuous experience.

1. Setting

Couple Kissing
Couple Kissing

Opportunities will present themselves now and then, although you won’t always be lucky enough to find the best place. The trick is to learn how to spot and take advantage of those opportunities. It could help you end up with a lovely, long term relationship.

Don’t be shy. The next time you two are together in public, but in a place where you’ll are relatively alone, maybe near the sea the shore at sunset, or even stopped parked in the car during an evening drive, sense the mood and hold her. Give her a soft, moist kiss for a few seconds.

Not only will you be thought of as spontaneous, but the right setting will give her romantic notions a serious kick, and she will cherish that moment.

And while you’re kissing her. Don’t go too fast and try to feel her breasts up or put your hands in her pants immediately. That’s an amateur move. She’ll pull away.

Instead, be the romantic stud of her dreams. Caress her back slowly, hold the small of her waist, gently cup her face with both hands. As her passion increases, intertwine your fingers with hers. Make her feel several sensory inputs of pleasure.

2. The Right Energy

Couple Romance
Couple Romance

You might have seen many mushy films, but remember that this is not a Mills & Boon book or a soap opera. Don’t be dramatic or she might burst out laughing. The important thing is to deep kiss her passionately and make her feel like she’s the only woman in the world who matters to you.

If things are going good, you can slowly pull back, stop kissing her and look at her before she moves in to continue again. When she comes in, let your lips lightly brush hers.

3. Explore

Young Couple Kissing
Young Couple Kissing

Long durations of kissing on the mouth solely can get boring. Feel free to kiss other parts of her face like her earlobes, cheeks, eyebrows, or even just one lip at a time.

Then when her breathing increases and you feel her responding very well, that’s when you should move down to her neck, collarbone, shoulders, and her hands and wrists. Make sure that you show her that you desire her.

Don’t focus just on her lips. Probe inside her mouth and massage her tongue with yours. You will find her doing the same thing. Do not bite her lips and definitely don’t suck her tongue or lips. And avoid stupid soap opera type kisses where you constantly sway your head from side to side. Follow these moves when you are next having a romantic evening with your girl.

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