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Habits are important to understand if you want to Live a Fulfilling Life. A single Bad Habit can Sabotage Your Success, while a single new Good Habit can get you one step closer to your Ideal Lifestyle. 

This COMPLETE COURSE will teach you to cut out the Bad Habits that cost hours in the day for no reason and have more time for the things that matter in your Life. Just enroll yourself right now and I will meet you in the Course.

By the END of this COURSE, You'll be able to..

  • Form Positive Habits & Eliminate Negative Habits.
  • Stop Saying Negative things about Yourself.
  • Learn to FOLLOW THROUGH your Habits, even if your Willpower or Motivation Fails you.
  • Stop Blaming yourself when things go wrong.
  • Replace Bad, Damaging Habits with More Empowering ones.
  • Instantly see your behaviour, and everything you do in a new way (and have the Power to Change it).
  • Remove any addiction entirely from your Life & Develop a Successful Mindset.
  • Have the CONFIDENCE that you can get stuff done, whenever you want to get it done.
  • Increase your Chance of Wealth Creation.
  • Get more accomplishments under your belt without stressing yourself to death.

What You'll LEARN?

 The Magic of Good Habits Introduction [02 min 23 sec]

 What are the Magic of Good Habits? [07 min 50 sec]

 How To Develop Habits? [08 min 09 sec]

 How Do Habits Work? [11 min 01 sec]

 Rules of Habits and its Formations. [06 min 13 sec]

 Habits That Can take you to Depression. [04 min 27 sec]

 Difference Between Voluntary and Non-Voluntary Habits. [05 min 24 sec]

  How To Break Bad Habits. [04 min 27 sec]

 6 Habits that can Reveal your true Personality. [09 min 16 sec]

Who Should Take This COURSE?

This COURSE is for people who understand the importance of Personal Development. Someone who's trying to Break an Addiction to become Successful in his/her Life

  • Anybody with Bad Habits who have never been able to kick them.
  • For the ones who want to reach their Life Goals by making permanent Good Habits.
  • The Depressed, Disheartened, Unmotivated, Early Quitters, Burnouts, Chronically Tired, and those with Low Self-Discipline.
  • People who want guidance in using habits as an instrumental tool towards their success.



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Hi, I’m Divya (@ActordivyaVD) – The Human Behind Tegonity.Com & ThePersonalityDevelopment.Com

I am providing Affordable Education to the people on topics that everyone wishes were taught at Schools, but were not.

I have spent over 6 Years Learning various things and Teaching over 3,50,000+ People through my YouTube Channels (Tegonity StudioTegonity.ComTegonity Academy & Tegonity Perks) and my Training Programs. I always embrace the people who want to be better than themselves.

For many years my Mission was to help people with their Self – Issues and so I am trying to help people improve their Soft Skills these Skills are not taught to anyone anywhere, people have to Develop them on their own. What are these skills and how do they work? This is what, I have understood from my Leanings, and that is why I volunteer to Teach all these Skills.

Start your Self Improvement journey by enrolling yourself in our Courses and Live Training. I will meet you there.

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