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Whether your Goal is to Gain Confidence in front of an audience, deliver a speech, or Presentation or make a Career as a Motivational Speaker our Public Speaking Training Program can help you meet your Goal. This Training Program Equips you with Presentation Skills which boost your Confidence and thus help you present your ideas to the world with ease.

You Learn the Art of Mesmerizing your Audience by delivering an Informative, Persuasive or Entertaining Speech. Engaged participation of an audience brings you all the applauses and the desired outcome thus mastering soft skills is a must for anyone willing to be a great Public Speaker.

This TRAINING PROGRAM will activate your ability to convey yourself with Confidence, Relevance, and Power in any Public Speaking Situation. Just enroll yourself right now and I will meet you in the TRAINING PROGRAM.

By the END of this TRAINING, You'll be able to..

  • Learn How to Master Your Delivery.
  • Create Captivating & Unforgettable Content.
  • Get aware of some Myths about the Fear of Public Speaking.
  • Overcome Stage Fear and Gain the Courage to Present Yourself.
  • Adopt a Confident Body Language & Avoid Common Body Language Mistakes.
  • Speak more than Your Said Words with the Right Body Language using Hand Gestures.
  • Share your powerful ideas as a Confident Public Speaker.

What You'll LEARN?

 Master The Art of Public Speaking Introduction. 

 Public Speaking in the Business World

 Personal & Social Benefits of Public Speaking. 

 What is Public Speaking

 3 Parts of Persuasion

 Modern Elements of Public Speaking & 3 Styles of Speech

 Overcoming the Fear of Public Speaking Introduction. 

 Biggest Myths About the Fear of Public Speaking

 Components of a Successful Speech Introduction. 

 Storytelling & Body Language

 Use the Right Tone of Voice

 The Power of Pause

 Visual Aids

 The 3 P’s of a Successful Speech

 SMART Speech Preparation. 

 Practice & Performance

 Speech Planning Worksheet to Plan your next Speech. 

Who Can Enroll?

Master The Art of Public Speaking Training Program isn’t for everyone. I would instead work with a small group of hard-working action-takers than a bunch of people on the lookout for a “Magic Button” that will make them instantly Successful, it takes time to Master this Skill.

If you belong to any of the below-mentioned professions then, definitely this course is for you.

  • Tour Guide.
  • Entrepreneurs.
  • Broadcaster.
  • Actors & Artists.
  • Seminar Leaders.
  • Training Specialist
  • Litigation Attorney.
  • Keynote Speakers.
  • Financial Experts.
  • Academic Leaders
  • Health Educators.
  • Purchasing Manager.
  • Workshop Presenters.
  • Professors & Teachers.
  • Professors & Teachers.
  • Executives & Employees.
  • Counsellors & Consultants.
  • Influencer or Content Creators.
  • Sales & Business Professionals.
  • Meeting Facilitators & Curators.
  • Sales Marketing Representatives.
  • Pharmaceutical Sales Representative.
  • Students or Anybody else who wants to RULE THE ROOM!
  • Anyone who wants to become a Speaker or Facilitator and that has a message to share.



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Hi, I’m Divya (@ActordivyaVD) – Public Speaker | Author | Entrepreneur. I am the CEO of - Tegonity Enterprises. It's a Video Production Company. Our website Tegonity.Com is a one-stop solution for Video Production Work, Video Courses, our eBooks, & Live Training.

I always have the tendency to question, which helps me explore new things, and topics that everyone wishes were taught at Schools, but were not. My questioning tendency leads to my professional journey from an Assistant to an Entrepreneur.

I worked for many organizations in my previous life, and I felt I was not made for this. However, I quickly realised it wasn’t for me and I entered into the world of Entrepreneurship. I have spent over 5 Years Learning various things and Teaching over 5,00,000+ people through my YouTube Channels (Tegonity Studio, Tegonity.Com, Tegonity Academy & Tegonity Perks) and through my Training Programs. 

I always embrace the people who want to be better than themselves.For many years my Mission was to help people with their Self – Issues and so I am trying to help people improve their Soft Skills these Skills are not taught to anyone anywhere, people have to Develop them on their own. 

What are these skills and how do they work? This is what, I have understood from my Leanings, and that is why I volunteer to Teach all these Skills.

Frequently Asked Questions

 Is the Training Program Live? or Do I Need to Show up at a Particular Time?

  You do not need to show up anywhere Live. I designed the Master The Art of Public Speaking Training Program so that you can go completely at your own pace. So, if you’re not available on Day 1- because you’re going on vacation or have a lot going on right now – you won’t miss anything. 

100% of the Course Materials are Pre-Recorded and available in your member’s area anytime you want to access them. And because you have lifetime access to the Course Materials, you can go at your own pace (or review any part of the course again).

 What Is The Duration of The Course?

 There will be well-researched, highly edited, scripted, and Pre-Recorded Lesson videos of 4+ Hours. If you dedicate 1-2 hours daily, you’ll have a good grip on Public Speaking Skills within a month.

This is not it, over a period of time we will upgrade this course with new Pre-Recorded Lesson Videos Like on a Particular Topic, Live Seminar Recordings, Zoom Meetings and One to One Conversations.

 Which Software will be used in The Course?

  No software is required for this course. You just need a Laptop, Desktop, Tablet or even your Smart Phones to get enrolled in Master The Art of Public Speaking Course.

Yes of course you can buy and watch this course from your Mobile Phone but we do not recommend this, only because of the small screen but the choice is all yours. If you are comfortable with mobile you can watch and learn from Your Mobile Phone.

 Is this Course for Beginners? What is the Minimum Age Limit for this Course?

 Yes Master The Art of Public Speaking Course is for Extreme Beginners. You need NOT have any coding knowledge. 

You need NOT have any editing knowledge. Anyone above 14 Years of age can finish the course. We will start from very basic eg. What is Public Speaking?

 When do I get access to the Course?

 As soon as you pay the Admission Fees, you’ll get access to complete 4+ hours of Content Upfront.

And over a Period of time, we will upgrade this course with new Pre-Recorded Lesson Videos Like on a Particular Topic, Live Seminar Recordings, Zoom Meetings and One to One Conversations.

 How much Money can I make after Learning from Master The Art of Public Speaking Course?

 That’s totally up to you. This is not a Quick Rich Scheme or Money Making Course. You will Learn a new Skill from our Course, but that's your creativity and how you will Monetize Your Skills.

For example - If you have a Gun, then you can use that same Gun to Kill Someone or You have the choice to Save Someone or You do Nothing. Here Public Speaking Skill is Gun how you will use these skills that are up to you.

 How will I Get the Recordings?

 You Will Get a unique Login ID and Password on Your Registered Email Address – the email which you will provide to us when Purchasing the Course.

 For how many days will I have access to the Course?

 You’ll have Lifetime Access to the Course, thus you’re free to choose anytime and any day of the year to Master The Art of Public Speaking.

 If I have a Doubt or Question, who do I contact?

 You may contact us via email at

 Can I get a refund?

 No, currently we do not have a refund policy.

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