Tegonity Relationship is a state of being connected by blood or marriage. Tegonity Relationship mostly help you to be the best in relationship. how to impress your wife / girlfriend / Husband / Boyfriend, how to maintain a healthy relationship and everything else which you needed in your Relationship.


How to Write a Love Letter

Telling someone how you feel about them can be quite a tricky task. Love letters, thankfully, are a really great way to send your feelings across and hopefully get a favourable response. Think you need some help...
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5 Signs He’s Cheating on You

Let's be honest, trust is really important in a relationship. It is surely one of the most important pillars of a strong relationship, but it's equally important to get a bit vigilant if you...
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12 Signs You Are Falling In Love

12 Signs You Are Falling In Love. Falling in love is such a big deal that entire movies, books, and Disney characters are constructed around the very idea of it. But what are the...
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How To Say “I Love You” Around The World

I love you. Three little words that are spoken with great pleasure all over the world. Read More - How to Attract The Love of Your Life Read More - 5 Signs you are in a Healthy Relationship Love can mean...
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How to Attract The Love of Your Life

We all desire connection: Feeling seen, known, and deeply bonded with another person is what life is all about. Love, undoubtedly, is the sweetest experience there is. Yet many of us struggle to attract great...
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For a Successful Career, Marry This Kind of Person

It seems it is not just your talent and hard work that helps to climb up the corporate ladder in the long run. According to a research done by Washington University in St. Louis,...

How To Make Your Girlfriend Jealous

Jealousy is indeed a delightful emotion to watch. How we love to watch our girlfriends fuming with jealousy when they see another pretty lass holding our hand or taking us shopping. Your girl maybe feeling...

How to Remain Independent in your Relationship

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17 Things You Learn in the First Year of Marriage

The first year of marriage is everything: good, bad, strange, boring, funny, sad, crazy, normal. I swear: It's everything! And you learn a lot. Here are the 17 things you learn your first year...

6 Ways To Make A Long-Distance Relationship Work

Are the seven seas separating you from your beau or your dream girl? Then, you are not alone.  Career, education or even families can sometimes force a couple to stay apart. The thought of...

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