Tegonity Relationship is a state of being connected by blood or marriage. Tegonity Relationship mostly help you to be the best in relationship. how to impress your wife / girlfriend / Husband / Boyfriend, how to maintain a healthy relationship and everything else which you needed in your Relationship.

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12 Signs You Are Falling In Love

12 Signs You Are Falling In Love. Falling in love is such a big deal that entire movies, books, and Disney characters are constructed around the very idea of it. But what are the...

50 Cute Names to Call your Girlfriend or Wife

Most of us have a nickname for a loved one. These nicknames symbolize the love and the affection that we have for someone close. Usually, nicknames are derived from a person’s real name, however,...
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Difference Between Love and Infatuation

Both infatuation and love are intense emotions that you can feel for someone else. Many people often find it difficult to distinguish between these two feelings, but in reality, it is not that difficult...
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10 Tips to Make Your Relationship Stronger

What makes for a healthy romantic relationship differs from couple to couple. Forming a trusting and positive partnership takes effort and time. And unfortunately, it doesn’t just happen overnight. For any relationship to grow...
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8 Steps to Attract the Greatest Love of Your Life

We all desire connection: Feeling seen, known, and deeply bonded with another person is what life is all about. Love, undoubtedly, is the sweetest experience there is. Yet many of us struggle to attract great...
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5 Things Women notice about Men

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Celebrate Valentine's Day

Romantic Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day in a Long-Distance Relationship

1. Arrange a Skype dinner date. Amp up your normal Skype sessions by "going on a date together." Both of you can cook your own favorite meals and then set them up in front...

19 Types of Friends You Need to Avoid

It’s easy being friendly, but being a friend – real difficult. There are friends who change your life for good and then there are those toxic friendships that leave you emotionally drained and disappointed....

Things You Should Never Say To A Single Woman

Agreed, in a world as difficult and yet as myriad as ours, being single isn't easy. But then it has its own perks; who wouldn't like to be a free bird and go through...

6 Ways To Make A Long-Distance Relationship Work

Are the seven seas separating you from your beau or your dream girl? Then, you are not alone.  Career, education or even families can sometimes force a couple to stay apart. The thought of...

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