Tegonity Relationship is a state of being connected by blood or marriage. Tegonity Relationship mostly help you to be the best in relationship. how to impress your wife / girlfriend / Husband / Boyfriend, how to maintain a healthy relationship and everything else which you needed in your Relationship.

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Difference Between Love and Infatuation

Both infatuation and love are intense emotions that you can feel for someone else. Many people often find it difficult to distinguish between these two feelings, but in reality, it is not that difficult...

7 Stages of Relationship Every Couple Goes Through

Relationships are a roller coaster ride if you free yourself from all the noise around and just concentrate on that one person in your life that matters for you. But it could be hard...
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7 Interesting Facts About Orgasms You Didn’t Know

Orgasms denotes intense pleasure during the act of lovemaking and if you’ve been taking these pleasure trips too casually, then you don’t know the benefits of orgasm. And here we are enlisting 7 interesting...
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10 Tips to Make Your Relationship Stronger

What makes for a healthy romantic relationship differs from couple to couple. Forming a trusting and positive partnership takes effort and time. And unfortunately, it doesn’t just happen overnight. For any relationship to grow...

5 Ways to Beat Boredom in your Relationship

If you've been in a relationship too long, boredom is bound to creep in at some point. Here's how to keep boredom away from your love Let's be practical, just because you love each other...
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What Kind of Girlfriend Are You Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Your zodiac sign says a lot about your personality, especially when it comes to relationships. Every sign has its own traits that makes it special and unique. Whether you are fun-as hell girlfriend or...
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The Couple That Laughs Together, Stays Together

Would you like to bring something freshness in your year’s old relationship, where love faded away with the time? We have a suggestion for you, that doing something that makes you both laugh could...
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8 Steps to Attract the Greatest Love of Your Life

We all desire connection: Feeling seen, known, and deeply bonded with another person is what life is all about. Love, undoubtedly, is the sweetest experience there is. Yet many of us struggle to attract great...

How to Say ‘I Love You’ Without Words

When it comes to professing your love to your partner, words often seem too superfluous. This article shall help you in your pursuit for the perfect way to say ‘I love you’ without actually saying...

7 Signs that you are Madly in Love

We all have been through that feeling when we see that someone special and our stomach is filled with thousand butterflies, or we literally skip a heart beat when we see them. And no matter...

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