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Tegonity World Category provides World news or international news or even foreign coverage is the news media jargon for news from abroad, about a country or a global subject.


Did you Know – Unknown Facts

Here Are Some Interesting, But True Facts, That You May Or May Not Have Known.
Superstitions Around the World Girl

Superstitions Around the World – Weird & Strange

From breaking mirrors to hanging lemon and chilies, India is a country of diverse culture and tradition, as well as of a lot of superstitions. We see them all around every day. A black...
dirty girl wallpaper

13 Things That Are Dirtier Than A Toilet Seat

You know if you were to think of an absolute filthy place at your home, it had to be your toilet seat. Right? What if we tell you that that is not the truth,...
Disorganized People Wallpaper

Disorganized People Are More Intelligent And Creative

Forget what your mom or girlfriend says about your messy room and habits. Scientists have now suggested that messy people are actually more intelligent and creative. The idea is that messiness boosts innovative thinking. As...
Creative Living Space

20 Creative Ways To Maximize Limited Living Space

We’d all like to have a place to call our own, a spot in the world where we can say, "I am king of this spot". But space – or the lack of it...
Workspace Designs to Boost Productivity

20 Workspace Designs to Boost Productivity

Bored with the state of your workspace or office desk? Maybe this post will convince you to do something about it. It doesn’t matter if you work from home work or are chained to...
Drive Royal Enfield

10 Reasons to Drive Royal Enfield

There are bikes like Harley Davidson, Yamaha, and Hero Honda and then there is Royal Enfield. It’s not just a bike; it screams addiction and passion for Indian riders. Thus, we list out 10...
WhatsApp Wallpaper

WhatsApp Could Soon Get Facebook Integration

WhatsApp could soon introduce a feature to allow its users to integrate their Facebook account with the instant messaging and voice calling app. While exactly how this will benefit users remains to be seen,...

7 Most Common Online Scams How to Avoid These

As wonderful as the online world is for collaborations it is also home to scamsthat had been around since before the birth of the Internet. Technology is making it easier for the gullible to...

5 Popular Types of Social Media Fans

Building a social media following is like trying to be the most popular kid in school only about 1000 times harder. Oftentimes it seems you need to crack some kind of highly selective popularity...

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