Stereotypes about Women that should be Shunned


When it comes to stereotyping women there are many out there who are quick in putting us in various categories. From terming us as a nagging girlfriend to fast shamming us to fashion police who all are around to judge us according to what we wear and even what should we eat to lose those extra pounds or even to get on those extra pounds.

1. Women take ages to Dress: How often do you see a man waiting for her woman outside her home, or in a restaurant? It’s unfair to assume that we take time to get ready. Most women today are working and have job responsibilities and traffic jam to handle. And trust us when we take those extra minutes to deck up its worth the wait!

2. Women Love to Gossip: Well if we love it men equally loves it. The only difference they don’t admit we do. Also what would say to those boys night out where eventually after discussing at length about, work politics, football, drinks, matches the discussions that finally dwindle downs to women?

3. Women are Bad Drivers: Again a stereotype that should be shunned. We know the rules we know how to be careful. If you come across a friend/colleague who shuns every woman driver and when someone rash drives utters the words, “That must be a woman!” Make sure you make them check each such driver. Many of those rash drivers will be a man or worst a teenage who is probably drunk and driving and soon would ram into someone.

4. Women with Successful Careers are bad Homemakers: There is a reason why we women are called mulstitaskers. Just because we are great at office doesn’t mean that we are sleeping around to get promoted or don’t really worry about our homes. There are many women at the top most positions in the corporate world who have been great homemakers and excellent bizz women. Sure, time-to-time they do feel a little guilty and vulnerable for losing that balance, but you better know that we women can comeback after this phase and make the entire scenario work best for her.

5. Women Shop a Lot: How do you think the retail business has picked so much? Several studies have shown that when compared to women men tend to shop more and are online shopping addict but are closeted ones.

6. A Woman should not ‘hit’ a Man: C’mon now that’s plain discrimination! In an age where women and men are supposedly treated equally why this inequality when it comes to making the first move. A women would only hit on a man if she thinks he’s deserving and worth the effort. So the next time you are shunning a woman for hitting a man then you being double standard.

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