How to Self Defend Yourself | Pepper Spray Review | Pepper Spray Self Defence

WHERE to USE? - Individuals may also use it in a situation to defend themselves against attacks by other people or animals. EFFECT:- It can cause: 1) burning in the throat 2) wheezing, 3) dry cough 4) shortness of breath 5)...
sanda watch

Sanda Watch Review | Sanda Watch Video

Product Name: Brand New SANDA Fashion Watch Men G Style Waterproof Sports Military Watches Shock Luxury Analog Digital Sports Watches Men Feature : Stop Watch Back Light Shock Resistant Auto Date Chronograph Complete Calendar Perpetual...

MPOW Sport Wireless Earphones Review | Mpow IPX7 Bluetooth Wireless Earphones

Bring Music Where You Sweat Thanks to the version 7 sweatproof rating, Mpow sports earbuds keep the headphones protected and in peak condition whether you're getting drenched in sweat after a gruelling workout. Hear Richer Sound...

Rich Dad Poor Dad Book Review | Rich Dad Poor Dad Conclusion

In Rich Dad Poor Dad, the #1 Personal Finance book of all time, Robert Kiyosaki shares the story of his two dad: his real father, whom he calls his ‘poor dad,’ and the father...
Saramonic SR-WM4C Wireless Microphone

Saramonic SR-WM4C Wireless Microphone Review

The Saramonic SR-WM4C is a compact and lightweight VHF wireless microphone system - the perfect audio solution for recording simply and easily, free from the limit of distance. The SR-WM4C is ideal for film making,...
Pepper Spray

Pepper Spray Review | Pepper Spray Self Defence

Have you ever touched a hot pepper and then accidentally rubbed your eyes? This is essentially the same effect that pepper spray can have, just on a different level. Pepper spray uses an active...

OPPO REALME 1 Review | RealMe 1 Unboxing | RealMe 1 Review

The Realme 1 is a cheap feeling device and the polygonal rear pattern only goes so far to make up for that. But when you consider the price, the performance and features are pretty...

How To Remove Blackheads at Home | Blackhead Suction Tool

Grease, old dead skin cells, dust mixture block in face pores. Grease in pores can’t export normally when it stuffed full your pores, the outer part contacted with air oxidizes and turns black, that's...

Doodleoze Review | Doodle Video Creator Software | Whiteboard Animation Software

Groundbreaking App Which Makes Blackboard, Whiteboard, Greenboard & Even Glassboard Doodle Videos In Minutes! Easier Doodle Video Creator That Makes Eye-Catching Spectacular Doodle Sketch Videos That Attract Attention & Convert Visitors Into Buyers in 3 Simple Steps! Some Features of...

Nobility Wireless Gaming Mouse Review NOBC005 | Wireless Mouse Review

Nobility Wireless Mouse 2.4Ghz Red Fitted with Sleeping Technology The mouse will shut off automatically and enter sleeping mode for saving power when it's not used for a long time. To wake it up,...

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