Philips Professional HP 8230 Hair Dryer Review | Philips Thermoprotect Hair Dryer

Philips Hair Dryer
Philips Hair Dryer

Dry your hair to perfection with Philips Hair Dryer HP8230. This powerful hair dryer from Philips offers 2100 watts of drying power, letting you dry your hair or create a style with much ease. The six flexible speed and temperature settings give you perfect styling every time. Further, the dryer comes with a cool shot function, easy storage hook and 1.8 metres power cord.

Fast dry at a lower temperature with ThermoProtect with 14mm styling nozzle.

Philips Professional HP 8230 Hair Dryer


1. Thermo Protect Temperature Setting

ThermoProtect temperature setting

The ThermoProtect temperature provides the optimal drying temperature and gives additional protection from overheating the hair. With the same powerful airflow, you will get the best results in a caring way.


2. Professional 2100W for Perfect Salon Results

Professional 2100W for perfect salon resultsThis 2100W professional hairdryer creates a powerful airflow. The resulting combination of power and speed makes drying and styling your hair quicker and easier.



3. Six Flexible Speed and Temperature Settings for Full Control

Six flexible speed and temperature settings for full controlThe speed and heat required can be easily adjusted to create the perfect style. Six different settings ensure full control for precise and tailored styling.



4. Cool Shot Sets your Style

Cool Shot sets your style

A must-have professional function for hair stylers. The Cool Shot button provides an intense burst of cold air. It is used after styling to finish and set the style.



5. Perfect Styling Results with a Slim Styling Nozzle

Perfect styling results with a slim styling nozzle

Perfect styling results and a shiny, polished look with a slim styling nozzle for precise styling.



6. 1.8 m Power Cord

1.8 m power cord

Convenient to use thanks to the 1.8m power cord length.




7. Easy Storage hook for Convenient Storage

Easy storage hook for convenient storage

The rubberised hook is located at the base of the handle and provides another storage option, particularly convenient for use in the home or when staying at a hotel.



Removable Air Flow Filter makes Cleaning Quick and Easy

The removable air flow filter of your hairdryer is easy to maintain. Simply click off to clean. Doing this regularly will prevent build up of dust and hair that can affect drying performance.

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