Paidverts Review – Make Money Online $100 Day


At last, there is some revolution in PTC world. Paidverts has brought a very unique concept of earning by viewing the ads.

Can you imagine, you can earn $5, $10, $20 or even $100 per day from a PTC site just by viewing the ad & that too without referring anyone?

Yes, it’s possible at Paidverts!

But before you jump to signup at Paidverts & start viewing the ads, you need to know some tips & tricks for working in Paidverts otherwise it will be difficult to earn good income from Paidverts.

Paidverts Review, Tips & Tricks to earn good income

Paidverts is a PTC website, where you can earn from $0.0005 up to $200 for viewing 30 seconds of ad!.

Its absolutely free to join. You can signup here. Here are some key points about Paidverts:-

  1. Paidverts is a very stable platform and is a part of MyTrafficValue so you don’t need to worry.
  2. Paidverts is a revolution in PTC industry & people with high dream can earn very high income from this single website.
  3. Initially you will earn small income but if you are working hard continuously then you can earn big money in few months.
  4. You will receive your income by PayPal which is one of the best way to receive online payment.
  5. Check this real screenshot of Paidverts account & see the value of 30 seconds ads. You can achieve this with in 1-2 months of working hard.
  6. Payment Processors Payza, PayPal, PerfectMoney, EgoPay, SolidTrustPay, WesternUnion, & BankWire.
  7. Daily earnings: Variable and depend of BAP (some kind of points) You can get BAP for advertizing and for viewing Daily BAP ads 8×25BAP ads. If you do that you vill have daily 0.04$ + earning minimum.
  8. Minimum withdraw is $2 (paypal) – $1 (PM) – $1 (PZ) – $10 (STP & EP) – $250 Bankwire & Western Union.
  9. Manual cashout up to 7 days.
  10. No need to wait between withdraws at all, you can do it every day if you have money.
  11. Script: Unique.

paidverts ads Tegonity

So if you are good to go & looking forward to work with Paidverts then you need to understand & follow these 6 steps.

Without understanding Paidverts, you won’t be able to earn much.

Step 1:  Join Paidverts

You can join Paidverts from special link given below. You need to check your email & confirm your registration to make your account active.

Step 2: Accumulate BAP (Bonus Ad Points)

This is the highlight point in Paidverts & you need to understand BAP system clearly in order to earn good income from this site.

BAP is the currency or point system in Paidverts. You don’t get the paid ads directly in your account. You will get the paid ads as per your BAP amount.

More BAP you have, more higher value ads you will receive. So you need to collect more & more BAPs.

Once you login to your account, you need to click “Paid Ads” link in the right side under “YOUR NAVIGATION”.

You will find 16 activation ads daily & each activation ad will give you 25 BAP. So checking all 16 activation ads will give you 400 BAP.

First day, you will not earn real cash but only 400 BAP if you view all 16 activation ads.

Tips to earn more BAP:

1. Accumulate as much BAP as possible. The more you have the higher value ads your account will start to receive. For some perspective, to receive paid ads of $1+ with any frequency, you’re going to need at least 50-100k BAP. The primary way to do that is by viewing your daily BAP ads: Paid Ads

2. Buy Bulk ads. For every $1 spent, you’ll get 50 visits to your website and 3100 BAP. That will deliver $1.55 worth of paid ads to your account ASAP: Buy Ads

3. Try buying the $0.05 recycler pro upgrade from your My Account page. That will deliver $1 worth of ads to your account very quickly – usually within 72hours.

4. Buy our Super User upgrade, to gain priority receiving the 10x 1% value ads that are created each time a new ad campaign is purchased

Step 3: Earn cash from your BAP

Each BAP will give you $.0005 worth of ad. So Next Day, you will receive 400 x 0.0005=$0.2 worth of ads + 16 activation ads.

You need to check your account at least twice in a day otherwise you can miss your paid ads. Next day, after viewing all the paid ads + activation ads, you will receive $0.2 & 400 BAPs.

Step 4: Buy $0.5 Upgrade to view Recycled ads

This is another trick to earn more income. If you have 2000 BAPs then you can buy a $0.05 upgrade to view recycled ads .

Recycled ads are those ads which are not seen by other members. So if you buy a $0.05 upgrade, you will receive recycled ads worth more than $1 in addition to your paid ads and activation ads.

So you will be in $0.95 ($1-$0.05) profit from this upgrade.

Once your upgrade expires, you can again buy this $0.05 upgrade.

Step 5: Buy an Ad Pack

This is another most important tip for working with Paidverts. If you buy a $1 ad pack then you will get number of benefits.

First, you will receive 3100 BAPs which will deliver $1.55 value of ads. Second, you will receive 50 visits of 30 seconds each on your website & third you will receive 50 impression on your banner ad.

Note: You can create a free website & promote your business or other PTC sites to get referral

Try to accumulate more & more BAPs because you will receive higher value of ads only if you have high BAP.

You can get $1, $2 or even $50 value ads depending upon your BAP.

Step 6: Refer & Earn 10% lifelong from your referral earnings

This is the most important part in any PTC website. If you refer someone, you will earn 10% of earnings he receive by viewing his/her ads.

You can find your referral link in your member’s area & promote it through Facebook, Whatsapp, email or other way.

Currently these mechanisms help reduce the PaidVerts’ BAP debt

  • Ad recycling (each ad not clicked on within 18 hours, gets sent to another user and this can happen up to 24x times. So each ad is basically capable of clearing 24x times of it’s worth in debt!) On average the recycling usually clears 5-10% of overall debt
  • BAP tax – every user has to pay a BAX tax of 100 BAP daily
  • BAP games – users can play various casino/skill games where PaidVerts has the house edge, and this clears thousands of dollars worth of debt each day from the system
  • Cheap traffic and target ads also help clear BAP as the advertisers do not get any BAP for them, yet these ads still consume BAP from users

These debt clearing mechansims in fact allow PaidVerts to have more money available than there needs to be! This allows for more frequent and bigger ad issues – which means faster and bigger returns for all users.

The upgrades available

1) Recycler Pro Upgrade

Here you need to pay an amount of $0.05 to get a total value of $1 ads to click on. Now this may take from a couple of hours to a couple of days to get all the ads. So for each $0.05 you spend, you make $1 in return.

2) Mini Upgrade

This will cost $2.99 to upgrade but is only limited to 7 days and they ensure that you get all the 1% ads that will earn you $0.01 up to $0.49 per click.

paidverts mini upgrade

3) Mega Upgrade

This one is almost the same as the mini upgrade, but it costs more, but will also pay you more. It will cost you $19.99 and will also last for 7 days. Here you will get the 1% remaining ads that will pay you $0.50 and up per click.

Paidverts mega upgrade

4) Ad Filter

This is an upgrade that lets you filter all your ads from highest to lowest paying so that you can do the highest paying ones first. This will cost you an extra $10. Also the more BAP points you have the higher you can set your minimum filter.

How to Join

1) Open Link – Click Here
2) Fill the Form specially the Date of Birth which will help in Payment Cashout.
3) In  I confirm that I was referred by – Change is to Tegonity


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5 years ago

Hi, I’m a new user of this site and I’m trying follow your instructions but I found out a couple of issues. First, when buying a Bulk Ad costs $1,05 and it doesn’t say that delivers 3100 BAPs as well. Second, there is no option for Recycler Pro Upgrade. Instead of this there is an option to buy a Recycle Time Upgrade which costs $19,99 at least. Very frustrating…

5 years ago
Reply to  Leo

Hello Leo, I can understand your situation as a new user, it is not easy to understand how to work and earn money but in reality with complete guidance you can easily make money by this site. Bulk Ad costs $1.05 actually deliver 3100 BAPs, No doubt in this and if you play smartly you can make BAPs by playing Flip Coin game but it is not recommended to a new user because its kind of risky. Second thing is Yes there is no option for Recycler Pro Upgrade, I think it is also not required even buying Recycle Time… Read more »