Juxxe Jamsports X1 In Ear True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds Review | In Ear Wireless Earbuds


● Juxxe Jamsports X1 – http://bit.ly/2GVB2jq (Register Yourself Here)
● Discounted Price after Lunch $49
● Official Website – https://www.juxxe.com/

● After the Offical Launch of Juxxe Jamsports X1 you will receive Notification at your email address.

Juxxe Jamsports X1 In Ear True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds

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  • Juxxe JamSports X1 In-Ear True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds
    True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds In-Ear Stereo Bluetooth Headphones Wireless Earphones (Bluetooth 5.0, 800mAh Charging Case, 60 Hours Playtime, Built-in Mic)
  • In-Ear Chamber Design – Insert the earbud into your ear and rotate to fit comfortably. Ensure the microphone is pointing towards your mouth.
  • TPSiV Skin-Touch Feeling – TPSiV is a thermoplastic vulcanized silica gel, It melts a variety of properties in a Skin-touch feeling. Hardness range: 50a-80a, good elasticity and softer than the general TPU.
  • Auto Power-on & Pairing – No need to press any button to activate the wireless headphones. This Juxxe-JamSports X1 can be automatically powered on and paired after taking them from the charging case. Meanwhile, they can also be automatically powered off and charged after putting back into the charging case. How simple and convenient is that!
  • Stable, Fit & Comfort  – Headset From Factor, In-Ear, Ear Gels, 3 Sizes Silicon Gels
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