January Horoscope 2017 | Horoscope 2017

January Horoscope 2017
January Horoscope 2017

In January the position of Jupiter, the patron of 2017, will be quite balanced. Generally speaking, no significant imbalances are foreseen for the personal relationship sphere, or for the domain of work and finance. On the one hand, this is a considerable advantage, which will allow you to prepare for what follows, far more than in dynamic cycles. At the same time, this is a period in which you should not orientate yourself in any fundamentally new directions.

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In other words, if you have decided to start your own business, you should not invest too much in it straight away, because everything could still change. Needless to say, each specific situation is different. It is also worth noting that in January, as throughout 2017, the position of Venus, the sun and, to a lesser degree, the moon and Mercury, will have a special significance.

Depending on which way each particular planet relates to your sign, key patterns can be identified for each particular aspect of your life. Broadly speaking, there is no point in preparing yourself for any special trials or difficulties. The accomplishment of scheduled tasks will be consistent and gradual. On the other hand, “leaps” and “jumps through several steps” are quite likely, but this, again, will just be at individual moments.


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