How to Install VRay in Maya 2016


VRay in Maya 2016, Built to meet the creative demands of CG artists and modern production pipelines, V-Ray for Maya is a full suite of physically-based lighting, shading and rendering tools tightly integrated into Autodesk ® Maya.

V-Ray for Maya focuses on artist productivity and delivers a powerful new set of features and improvements to speed up lighting, look development and rendering workflows

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A major update to V-Ray RT enables final frame production rendering on the GPU. Optimized texture memory, faster resizing and loading of textures, and improved shading have also been added. When coupled with GPU support for hair, subsurface scattering, displacements, tiled textures, and light cache GI, this update becomes a powerful asset for high-level production work.

Download V-Ray for Maya 2016

How to Install VRay in Maya 2016