How To Protect Your Hair In Holi

Holi Wallpaper
Holi Wallpaper

The festival of colours Holi is just around the corner. And even if you’re prepared with organic colours, you may get drenched in toxic colours, courtesy your friends. And this may take a toll on your hair. No matter how particular you are, let’s face it that any colour can damage your hair.

So, we’ve got some tips from Celebrity Hairstylist Asgar Saboo that you would need pre-and post-Holi celebrations. And here’s what he recommends:

What you Need to do Pre-Holi

1. Prepping your hair with oil is a must! A night before Holi, massage your hair with warm coconut oil or a mix of jojoba and castor oil. By doing this, the oil will provide extra nutrition that won’t dry your hair due to colours. Later, this will also help the colour to come off easily.

2. Also, avoid shampooing a day before Holi. This way the natural oils on your scalp can act as a barrier!

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3. And, if you have a sensitive scalp, add few drops of lemon juice. This will avoid any infection trigged by the chemicals in the colour. Here, the lemon juice will act as a protective shield against the harsh colours on your scalp.

How to Treat your Hair Post-Holi

1. First things first, rinse your hair with plenty of plain water to wash off any dry colours and tiny particles of mica. And try to use a mild shampoo, working it into hair with fingers followed by a conditioner. And if still there’s any colour, don’t over wash it the same day, as this can dry out your hair. You can also apply olive oil to your hair and wash it the next day.

2. To hydrate your hair further, you can apply oil once your hair is washed and completely dry.

3. You can even try a DIY hair mask. Soak few fenugreek (methi) seeds in water overnight. And next morning, crush them to make a paste. Now, apply this on your hair for at least 15 minutes. Later, use a mild shampoo to wash your hair. This mask also helps in controlling dandruff.


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