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network marketing images

To attract people into this network marketing, you should know the person’s area of interest, the primary factor responsible that would make him/her join network marketing. Once you know the person’s primary motivating factor, make him/her believe that this platform could provide you with all you want. For Example – if one wants to have financial freedom in his/her life, you could further motivate him/her by telling about the fruitful results and income that one can receive once they have laid their foundation in this business which One cannot make doing a 9-5 job his whole life.

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One thing to be kept in mind that everybody’s motivating factor to join his business would be different. What may be your primary motivating factor may not be the same for the other person.

So its important to mould yourself in your prospect’s motivation to attract him and get a ‘yes’ in network marketing. Also, keep in mind, never assume anybody’s primary motivating factor without them being telling to you as it may be disastrous if you get wrong.

Here’s a list of some Common Primary Motivating Factors that People have:

  1. Extra Income
  2. Meeting new People
  3. Financial Freedom
  4. Leave a Legacy
  5. Retirement
  6. Helping others
  7. Personal Development
  8. More Spare Time
  9. Have own Business

While joining this business, your purpose must be clear. You should always remember that why you joined into network marketing. Keep in note that primary motivating factor and the purpose to join are two different things. For eg: a person has it’s primary motivating factor as financial freedom but his purpose to join he business was to eliminate the stage fear of speaking in public. It should also be noted that purpose can eventually change but the primary motivating factor ultimately remains the same. Like, the person has now overcome his stage fear but throughout the journey he has learned many more purposes to continue and keep growing in the business while he stills dreams of being financially free.

What you speak and how you speak, obviously that matters a lot. People below your age or of your age are earning a very delicious income through this rising field. Just generate curiosity in people’s minds and they will automatically get attracted. You can invite them by focusing on the internet business platform. Tell them that they could do this from any part of the world and generate such an income which they will not be able to achieve working 9-5 a job.

Well, job is also a network only. It’s not that people are working independently without sharing their platform with anybody else. For eg: in a school, there are teachers who work under principal and the principal is under the chairman and so it continues thus forming a network.

If the Person is More into Education –

  1. Invite them by saying about it’s an Educational Seminar.
  2. Invite them by telling about the E-education Seminar.
  3. Invite them by saying its a Seminar about Entrepreneurship.
  4. Invite them by telling people are earning good income part time along with their studies.
  5. Invite them by saying its a personality development seminar.
  6. Invite them by telling about motivational seminar.
  7. Invite them by telling about life – education seminar.

This way you could attract a large no. of people into your business that would eventually help you to grow your team.

You have to win the people’s trust and make them curious about what they are doing. If you succeed at this, they will surely give you an appointment in which you show them your plan.

With strangers, you could give them an overview or excite them by telling the income and financial freedom achieved by so many motivational speakers through network marketing. If one listens to the whole plan and disagrees of talk negative people, thank them for their time, and leave them. Do not waste much time on them. Search for another prospect.

There are some Golden Rules which if you follow can bring you tremendous results and unbeaten success. But the condition is to follow them truly with your heart:
1. See More People
2. See More people
3. See More people
4. Use the Law of Averages
5. Improve your Averages

Success is a game. The more times you play, the more times you win and the more times you win, the more successfully you’ll play. The same happens with network marketing. The more no. of people you approach, the more open-minded you become. So, the key rule to achieve success in network marketing is to meet as many people as you can and simply talk to them.

A typical average in a network marketing is: 10:6:3:1

This suggests that out of every 10 people to whom you show the plan, 6 get excited and agree to start, half of them actually get started and one out of these 3 will work keenly. So, every 10 prospects to whom you show the plan, you end up with one successful, productive and long-term distributor. Similarly, you have to evolve your own averages and work accordingly. This will provide you with two benefits: first, it will keep you motivated and give you a purpose to continue and second, it will help you improve your performance and make you work more efficiently.

Law of averages always work. So believe in it’s power and get started. You also must have the faith in your own averages.


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