Deulec ED-200 In-Ear Wired Headphones Review


INTRODUCING Deulec high quality and highly reliable headphones that is sure to give you a delightful and comfortable EXPERIENCE!

COMPLETELY IDEAL FOR LISTENING TO MUSIC AND TALKING ON PHONE: As a result of its exceptional quality the ED-200 In-ear wired premium headphones can be used for dual purpose. It can be used for both listening to songs and talking on the phone. Surely you are in for a wonderful experience!

Deulec ED-200 In-Ear Wired Headphones with Builtin Mic

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PROVIDES EXCELLENT SUPERNATURAL SOUND AND CLEAR QUALITY AUDIO: The ED series premium quality headphones ensures excellent supernatural sound for clear quality audio giving a super experience without any form of regret.

100% EXQUISITE DESIGN AND CONSTRUCTION: Enjoy your music on the go with its lightweight construction technology, exclusive distinguishing design and guess what! This premium quality in-ear headphone is resistant to sweat and water. Which gives you the freedom to use the headphones during gym, office, walking, running etc.

IN-BUILT MICROPHONE FOR PHONE CALLS: The ED series headphones have noise cancelling microphone in-built for answering your important calls enjoying a hands-free high technology headphone.

UNIQUE TANGLE FREE FLAT CABLE: The flat cable used in these headphones is of top quality and tangle free that gives you the flexibility to store, wrap or hang the cable wherever you want. The length of the cable is designed to give you the freedom to leave your music device in your pockets.

KEYNOTE: The ED Series Headphones has been engineered for superior acoustic accuracy, balance, and clarity. It makes you hear deeper, richer bass and better audio. And they are very comfortable and calm in your ears. It has a mic and remote. the design of this exceptional EarPods is defined by the shape of the ear. This makes them more comfortable for people than any other earbud-style headphone available.


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