15 Best Career Growth Tips


Twenties are the time when most of us take up our first jobs, spend months evaluating life and try every way possible to find our calling. You’re probably going through the same phase too. To make the journey a little more informed, here are 15 solid pieces of career advice not many people will give you.

1. If the job isn’t challenging enough, it’s not worth it. Your personal growth should rank the highest on your priority list.

2. Know how to sell your idea with conviction, not just to the client but even to your own colleagues. If you don’t believe in your own idea, nobody will.

3. It’s not necessary to make a living out of your passion. It’s not half as much fun when someone starts paying you to do it, when you’re told how to do it. You could take up an easy paying job and use your free time in indulging in your hobbies too. 

Best Pieces Of Career Advice You Will Ever Get

4. Build good relations wherever you go. It’s a small world and you never know whom you’d need when. Building a good rapport with everyone you’ve ever worked with will take you places.

5. Studying people, observing them, learning how they do things will teach you a lot about survival and of course, it will widen your approach. Look at people and learn.

6. Demand what you deserve. Nobody else is going to stand up for you. 

Best Pieces Of Career Advice You Will Ever Get

7. Always dress well. If you look smart and presentable, people automatically take you more seriously. 

8. There’s no perfect job. Some jobs don’t offer enough excitement, others have the worst people to work with and the ones that do look promising pay peanuts. Prioritize and learn to compromise on at least a few things.

9. Don’t be too caught up in money-minting in your early years. Definitely not at the cost of losing sight of where you’re headed in the long run. 

Best Pieces Of Career Advice You Will Ever Get

10. Say yes to every opportunity that comes your way, even if you’re unsure. Until you test the waters, you would never know what you’re capable of.

11. Know your worth. Always. Nobody will ever come and tell you how valuable you are. It is for you to realise.

12. Whether it is switching careers at 30 or getting into entrepreneurship, if you truly believe in your decision, it’s always worth the risk. There’s nothing more real than your instinct.

Best Pieces Of Career Advice You Will Ever Get

13. There will come a time when you will have to put your foot down and raise your voice. You will always be taken for granted unless you learn to say no.  

14. Never get too attached to your company. Learn from it, contribute all you can and when it’s time, move on.

15. And, here we arrive at the most important advice on this list. If you want to succeed real bad, learn everyone’s job. Know how things are done from start till the end. Make yourself able enough not to feel the need to depend on anyone, ever. There’s nothing more powerful than a one man army.

Best Pieces Of Career Advice You Will Ever Get

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