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Tegonity Relationship is a state of being connected by blood or marriage. Tegonity Relationship mostly help you to be the best in relationship. how to impress your wife / girlfriend / Husband / Boyfriend, how to maintain a healthy relationship and everything else which you needed in your Relationship.

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10 Things Guys Love About an Athletic Woman

1. She's independent. There's nothing sexier than a woman who loves a little space. Ladies who are dedicated gym goers have no problem striking out on their own to get a workout in, making...

Why School Friends Are Friends For Life

The school years are the best years of life. Not because it’s a carefree time in our life but because we have the greatest company by our side: our school friends. You laugh with...

50 Cute Names to Call your Girlfriend or Wife

Most of us have a nickname for a loved one. These nicknames symbolize the love and the affection that we have for someone close. Usually, nicknames are derived from a person’s real name, however,...
Couple Kissing Wallpaper

Different Types of Kisses and their Meanings

An act of showing love and universally accepted is the kiss. Everyone at some point and from someone close has been kissed, gently and soft, passionately or raw and maybe through affection too. Kisses...

19 Types of Friends You Need to Avoid

It’s easy being friendly, but being a friend – real difficult. There are friends who change your life for good and then there are those toxic friendships that leave you emotionally drained and disappointed....

Handshake can find if She is (or is not) made for You ?

Do you know that the handshake -- limp or firm -- can sniff people out? According to a fascinating study, people use the touch of a handshake to sample and sniff chemical signals that...
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100 Questions to Ask Your Girlfriend

There are questions, about the past, the future, commitment, and then, there are a handful of those dreaded questions too - about the first love, break ups, and people she lost through this cataclysm...
Love Tips Relationship Advice

Love Rules 2017 | Love Tips Relationship Advice

“Falling in love,” is significant because no one rises in love or climbs in love. You fall in love, because something of who you are has to go. If not the whole of you,...
Couple Romance - Cute Boys

Boys are Really CUTE when They

The best way to attract girls is to be the cutest guy in the room. Even if you are not the most physically attractive person, girls can be attracted to a number of different...
Couple Kissing

3 Most Important Kissing Techniques For Beginners

You may not believe it, but if you're on a date with a woman or getting cozy with someone at a house party and things are going well, when you lean in to kiss...

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