Logitech M170 Wireless Optical Mouse Review

KEY FEATURES RELIABLE 2.4GHZ WIRELESS Strong, consistent wireless connection from distances up to 10-meters (33-feet) away. With virtually no delays or dropouts, you’ll work and play with confidence. Tested to 10 meters, the wireless range may vary...

Dell KM117 Wireless Keyboard & Mouse Review

The Dell Wireless Keyboard and Mouse feature a sleek, compact design that will fit comfortably into any desktop setup. Enjoy the freedom of an easy and reliable wireless connection. Effortlessly connect your keyboard and...
sanda watch

Sanda Watch Review | Sanda Watch Video

Product Name: Brand New SANDA Fashion Watch Men G Style Waterproof Sports Military Watches Shock Luxury Analog Digital Sports Watches Men Feature : Stop Watch Back Light Shock Resistant Auto Date Chronograph Complete Calendar Perpetual...
Sony BCG-34HHN Power Battery Charger for AA/AAA

Sony BCG-34HHN Power Battery Charger for AA/AAA

We live in a world where technology has seeped into every aspect of our lives. In this technology driven world, the importance of a power charger is imperative. This Sony BCG34HHN Power Charger is...
philips MG7715 trimmer review

Philips MG7715/15 Multi-Grooming Kit Review | Philips Trimmer Review

Perfect your personal style with our most precise and versatile trimmer. 13 premium tools empower you to craft your unique style, from head to toe. Enjoy maximum precision with DualCut blades and added control...

Boat Bassheads 225 Review | Boat Headphones Review

boAt BassHeads 225 polished metal earphones are designed to give you an experience which no other brand can match. It has an incredible sonic clarity with "Super Extra Bass". It is not a plastic...

D-Link DIR-816 Wireless AC750 Dual Band Router Review

The DIR-816 Wireless AC750 Dual Band Router gives you lightning-fast combined wireless speeds of up to 750 Mbps and increased range. Using dual-band wireless, it allows you to operate two concurrent, high-speed Wi-Fi bands...

How To Remove Blackheads at Home | Blackhead Suction Tool

Grease, old dead skin cells, dust mixture block in face pores. Grease in pores can’t export normally when it stuffed full your pores, the outer part contacted with air oxidizes and turns black, that's...

Characteristics of a Gaming Smartphone | The Most Important Smartphone Features

In the last three months, we have observed a trend that few expected, such as smartphone gaming. Several models have arrived in this market segment and it seems that there will be more in...

How to Self Defend Yourself | Pepper Spray Review | Pepper Spray Self Defence

WHERE to USE? - Individuals may also use it in a situation to defend themselves against attacks by other people or animals. EFFECT:- It can cause: 1) burning in the throat 2) wheezing, 3) dry cough 4) shortness of breath 5)...

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