Amway Nutrilite Daily Benefits | Nutrilite Daily Tablet Review

amway nutrilite daily benefits
amway nutrilite daily benefits

NUTRILITE Daily is a multivitamin and multimineral tablet, provides 13 essential vitamins & 11 minerals with the additional advantage of exclusive NUTRILITE Concentrates like the organically grown Acerola Cherry, parsley, spinach, watercress, alfalfa & carrot. NUTRILITE Daily offers a convenient once-per-day choice to meet the need for general well-being.

NUTRILITE™ Daily provides a wide spectrum of essential vitamins and minerals in a convenient once-a-day tablet.

NUTRILITE™ Daily contains exclusive NUTRILITE™ plant concentrates with phytonutrients. This adds nutritional support that goes beyond vitamin and mineral benefits.

Many of the plants concentrates in NUTRILITE™ Daily are sourced from organic farms and deliver rich levels of phytonutrients.

Fast-paced living, changing lifestyles & eating habits can have some unexpected results on our health. We eat too many processed foods. We miss meals. Some of us even smoke or drink alcohol. All these factors can rob us of the essential nutrients we need for our general well-being.

So if you think you are the one who is not eating a truly adequate, well-balanced diet NUTRILITE Daily maybe the convenient once-per-day choice.

NUTRILITE Daily a multivitamin and multimineral tablet provides 13 essential vitamins & 11 minerals along with special NUTRILITE Daily Concentrates like the organically grown Acerola cherry, parsley, spinach, watercress, alfalfa & carrot.

NUTRILITE Daily is a potent, convenient way to help fill in the nutritional gaps in your daily diet.

1. Supplies 13 vitamins and 11 minerals, which provide broad nutritional coverage and balance of nutrients.

2. Contains organically grown exclusive NUTRILITE plant concentrate which provide additional advantage of phytonutrients.

Nutrilite Daily Benefits

Lets try to go into more details about the various health benefits of Nutrilite Daily that you can have with regular usage.

1. Better Immunity

Immunity plays an important role in your overall health. A weak person always has weak immunity. The vital herbs like acerola and alfalfa which are scientifically proven to boost your immunity at levels your body becomes stronger than ever.

2. Instant Energy

Every tablet is packed with Alfalfa which is the father of all foods contains more nutrition and vitamins than any other such herb. Along with the 13 essential vitamins which are good enough to give you instant energy, it also contains carotene, protein, calcium and other minerals.

3. Protects from Disease

The ingredients of Nutrilite daily are powerful enough to save you from heart disease, kidney disease, Asthma, Arthritis, diabetes, high sugar and more!

Providing a shield for minor diseases like cough and cold, it even helps you in deadly diseases like cancer.

4. Healthy Skin and Hair 

As it contains lots of Vitamin A, along with certain other vitamins and protein-based ingredients which helps in regulating skin pigments and gives you a healthy, clear and bright skin. It makes your hair stronger too.

5. Makes Your Bone Stronger

After a long day, people usually have complaints about joints pain, pain in legs and almost in all body. It happens because your bones are not stronger enough to carry loads of the complete day. It contains Vitamin K, and calcium which are required to make your bones stronger.

How to Use (Dosage)

  • The normal dosage is one tablet per day. Not to be increased unless recommended by physician.
  • Always be taken after meal, avoid taking it empty stomach.
  • Warm water or normal water is preferred. Avoid taking it with cold water.


Not to be used by children under 12 years and pregnant ladies or lactating mothers.

Adults: Take one tablet daily with meals.

More Information

1. NUTRILITE Daily can be taken by anyone who is an adult whose vitamin & mineral intake is inadequate & has greater nutritional need related to lifestyle or life stage such as sports persons, busy adults & the elderly.

2. It should be taken by people who finds it difficult to eat or maintain a balanced diet and eat highly processed foods, smokes, drinks alcohol & skips meals.

Nutritional Information

Supplies 13 vitamins and 11 minerals, which provide broad nutritional coverage and balance of nutrients. Also contains exclusive NUTRILITE plant concentrates which provide additional nutritional benefits.


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