About Us


Tegonity means someone who is protective forever by nature. As TEGO is a Latin word which means to cover, protective, a detector, detection, protection, protector, and NITY means constant & perpetual, never-ending or changing.

As such, with its meaning, Tegonity always works for the social cause by educating individuals, as we are committed to helping mankind with our never-ending and Protecting nature.

Tegonity Enterprises was found in 2014 and an India based company. We educate and entertain more people each year.

Team Tegonity had decided to create a place where people can get access to the real truth and to help people get started and build their own successful Business Networks.


To give clear vision to the people who are interested in Network Marketing Business as Network Marketing industry has one of the most misunderstood business models that is actually changing the lives of millions of people around the world. It is our strong belief that network marketing is the business of the 21st Century.


We work as a mentor amongst people to develop their skills to get massive success in their life.

Tegonity exists, to tell the truth about Network Marketing, Some proven points so that people can make an informed decision about whether this business is going to be right for them or not.

We train people to make stable money by promoting their own business. We sincerely believe that these our training will help many, many people in India to change their lives.


We work as an educator through social media & we also conduct our educational seminars for respective clients to grow their business.

In addition to this, we produce videos, creating inspiring corporate videos for a range of national clients.

Our approach begins with a deep understanding of you and your target audience, so we can help you communicate your story in the most engaging and effective way possible. A corporate video that will inspire the target audience. A corporate video that will help clients to grow their business.

We Are Working with A Time-Tested Process for Effective Corporate Video

  • Set a clear objective and define success – We work with you on specific & achievable video objectives. This makes measuring your success simple and gives the project a clear direction.
  • Research audience & market – Good research is vital to any video project. we support your existing data with analysis into your target audience &what they care about.
  • Decide core messages – Together we construct a core message to drive action towards your goals that are in line with your brand & engaging for your audience.
  • Develop creative idea & Story – using a blend of imagination & insight, we develop a creative concept for your video. Once the idea is fleshed out we build the narrative.
  • Script & storyboard – Next we write a video script that incorporates your message and story. we also help you visualize the finished piece through a storyboard.
  • Film, animate and edit – The production team handles filming. After that comes editing and animation work, where your story and creative idea are brought to life.
  • Measure Success – Once you’re completely happy, it’s time to distribute your video content. and we report on its success based on your original objectives.

Get refreshing ideas to end negativity, get things done fast, and achieve bigger goals.

So get in touch for general inquiries, or if you have a project in mind and want to have a chat.